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About Us

Perfect Cellar began with one man, Moez Seraly, a Mad-agascan born Frenchman with a dream of bringing his favourite wines to the UK. These wines were taken off the beaten track, made by his winemaker friends in classic regions of France and which he’d enjoyed on many occasions around the dinner table. His friends had a shared vision of creating wines of quality rather than quantity: producing small batch, artisanal wines with distinctive personalities.

On his return to the UK Moez decided to address the lack of diversity and affordability of fine wine and brought these undiscovered wines and their stories with him for us to share and enjoy.

Time has passed and we are now proud to represent a larger number and broader range of amazing producers and countries in the Perfect Cellar selection. The heart of the business has remained the same, to make great quality, fine wine accessible to everyone.

Perfect Cellar not only sells wine online, we offer wine experiences, wine club membership, a fine wine collectors scheme and a trade arm to encompass every need. In everything we do, we bring the passion and energy that was there from the very beginning.