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Wine In Michelin Starred Restaurants

In the UK today there are 151 hotels and restaurants that have impressed the Michelin tasters enough to be honoured with one of more of their prestigious stars. We know that means the quality of the food must beexceptional but what about the wines? How do restaurants choose which wines to show on their list and what should patrons expect? The Michelin movement began in France and as the wines most emulated the world over have their roots in France it is no surprise to find there is usually a section of the wine list given over to the classic styles of French wine. We’re talking the likes of Margaux, Hermitage, Puligny-Montrachet, Sancerre etc; wines that have tradition written all over them with names that people recognise as standing for quality. However, many establishments will now stock wines of asimilar ilk but often at a lower cost. If you look at the neighbours of the big players you find wine being made to the same standards and style but because they don’t carry the kudos associated with the well known names they often prove to be excellent value for money.Wine In Michelin Starred Restaurants Dining out is an epicurean adventure and as such wines, which grace the tables of the best restaurants, Michelin star included, areoften selected by ‘la crème de la crème’ of chefs and sommeliers. Quality is recognised and it is this type of endorsement, which often raises the profile of the smaller winemakers we love and are proud to represent.

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