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Wine and Yoga - a cure for over-doing it.

Following a very busy couple of weeks in the office with many late nights 'entertaining' (plying them with wine) colleagues from around the world you'd think it would be wise to have a lazy weekend and do very little. That was the plan until I realised I'd double booked myself on both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. The first engagement was had in true Bridget Jones style with myself being the only single person amongst a group of lots of smug married couples. After eating an average meal, drinking mediocre wine and enduring mindless chit-chat I made my excuses and headed to my next appointment; a 'boring' flat-warming party that I'd vowed to leave in time to catch the last tube home. The 'boring' party, however, ended up being quite a lot of fun and when I next checked the time it was 3.15am! A soggy wait for a night bus ensued and I finally rolled into bed at 4.30am.  Why, oh why, then, did I spring out of bed bright and breezy at 9.30am. I felt fine, no hangover, just a little bit tired. So I made brunch including a nice glass of crisp Chardonnay (just in case it was all a myth and the hangover was hiding in a sinister fashion behind the last remnants of alcohol in my blood stream),  it was past noon by this time so not too early for wine, ate, enjoyed and got myself ready for the day. Off I headed to see an exhibition with a friend but ended up waiting for a third friend to turn up so sat in the pub and had a glass of wine. My friend arrived and we had a glass of wine, followed by another and then decided we probably weren't in the right frame of mind to appreciate the exhibition fully so moved on to another bar for more wine. I think you can see where this is going now. Several alcoholic beverages later and I met up with another friend who is going through a messy break-up......... guess what........ we had a glass of wine or two and put the world to rights before heading off to Zedel, a fabulous art-deco cocktail bar and restaurant for dinner. Cocktails were swapped and tasted amid 1920's glamour making me feel horrendously under dressed and dinner with a bottle of Saumur-Champigny was divine. Another glass of wine rounded off the excessively decadent Sunday evening before catching  the last tube home. So, overall I've rounded off a very busy wine-heavy fortnight with a very busy wine-heavy weekend so for the coming week I intend to follow the advice of  Harold's Planet and practice Yoga for wine lovers. I suggest you do the same. Enjoy!   [youtube]

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