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Champagne & Fish 'n' Chips - sounds odd but it works!

Here at The Perfect Cellar we are pleased to announce our first winner of a bottle of Champagne through our Facebook competition! Champagne Benedicte JonchereWell done, Carole, a bottle of Benedicte Jonchere Grande Reserve NV Champagne is winging its way to you!

So, it got me thinking, what is the best way to enjoy Champagne?

On its own is always a good choice but when it comes to food matching you have to think of something that will balance the flavours, compliment the texture and have a similar weight. The tasting note for Benedicte Jonchere NV Champagne is: "Delicate fine mousse with a beautiful aromatic intensity showing ripe apricot, pear and Bramley apple fragrances. A blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes, this wine has a good creamy complexity on the palate and a lively and fresh body with delicate flavours of apple and white fruits. The finish is long and fresh." The 'mousse' refers to the bubbles. Champagne should not feel fizzy and it should not whoosh up ones nose, it should tingle and dance around the tongue and this is what we call the mousse. The texture is smooth and creamy thanks to maturation in the bottle for at least 18 months and this also gives depth and complexity to the flavour too. The 'autolytic character', the biscuity, creamy, nutty flavours, develop thanks to the yeasts remaining in the bottle during the maturation. Add to this light, delicate notes and a fresh citrussy, clean finish and you have the perfect partner to good ol' fish 'n' chips!Champagne & Fish 'n' chips We all know that fish 'n' chips can leave a greasy, clarty texture in the mouth which is part of the reason we add something acidic to our dish; vinegar or lemon juice balance the fleshyness of the fish and make it feel cleaner in the mouth. Champagne compliments the texture with its rich creaminess, the bubbles act as millions of little cleansers around the mouth and the fresh, elegant finish cuts through the grease to leave a much fresher mouthfeel. Trust me, it works! It's the perfect decadent tea-time treat and you don't have to push the boat out on Champagne, a Prosecco or Cava will do the job just as well. Enjoy!    

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