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Our Best Selling Wine from 2012

Another year over and we're all making plans and resolutions for the 12 months now facing us. We've descended on friends and family to drink their wine and eat their food, or have been descended on ourselves and now the relative peace returns in the wake of the festivities. If you feel the same as me, I'm actually quite pleased to be back into the routine of work and eating at normal times of the day rather than grazing on the myriad goodies that have been far too close and inviting over the last fortnight. But it wouldn't be right to move forward with 2013 without first having a quick recap of 2012. At The Perfect Cellar we are thrilled that a large proportion of our wine portfolio is exclusive to us in the UK and are even more pleased that many of them appeared in the list of 'Best Sellers' from last year. In honour of this we have put together a case of 6 bottles of wine showing not only the best sellers but also a simple way to start your perfect cellar by covering a wine for every occasion in one 6 box.

The Best Sellers of 2012

Benedicte Jonchere Grande Reserve NV

Best Selling Wines - Benedicte Jonchere NV Based in Bar-sur-Aube, in the heart of the Côtes des Bar area of Champagne, Mr. & Mrs. Jonchere are récoltant-manipulants. This means they grow the grapes themselves for their Champagne. They have a hands on approach and are involved at every stage of winemaking from growing the grapes to blending, ageing and remuage. You can really taste the results: pure, artisanal and full of character. This is an exclusive Perfect Cellar selection. The Champagne displays a delicate fine mousse with a beautiful aromatic intensity showing ripe apricot, pear and Bramley apple fragrances. A blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes, this wine has a good complexity on the palate and a lively and fresh body with delicate flavours of apple and white fruits. The finish is long and fresh.

Charly Nicolle Petit Chablis 2011Best Sellers - Petit Chablis

Charly Nicolle considers his vines to be his babies and the care he gives them is indicative of this. He lives, eats and breaths wine. There is a real 'family' feel to the winery with everybody having their part to play and the result is wines that are bourne out of love. This is a great example of a Petit Chablis which would rival many lesser producers' Premier Cru Chablis. This Petit Chablis is absolutely typical of the style with a lovely fresh, light style showing delicate notes of green apple, lime peel and citrus. There is a slight floral hint to the wine which, combined with crisp acidity makes it a perfect all round white and a 'must have' in any wine rack.

Mas du Soleilla Reserva Blanc 2010.Best Sellers - Mas Du Soleilla Reserva Blanc

Peter Wildbolz holds the greatest respect for the terroir of La Clape and works the vineyard with meticulous organic practices to get the best from the land and therefore the best  wine he can produce. 'La Garrigue' of the region is the wild growing scrub of rosemary, thyme, juniper, mint, sage and other herbs which produce a wonderfully heady, fragrant perfume. The herbs add to the natural humus of the soil and the flavours and smells are characteristic to the wines of the area. This is a wonderfully floral and fragrant white wine. The Best Sellers - Le Petit Mars influence of 'La Garrigue' is evident in the subtle note of herbs. Melon, honeysuckle and orange peel balance well with fresh acidity and a rounded mouth feel. Great as an aperitif or with food from the region.

Mas du Soleilla ‘La Petit Mars’ 2011

The ‘Garrigue’ of the region really comes through in this wine, the naturally occurring scrub of herbs adds a perfumed quality to this dense black fruit laden wine. Enjoy on its own or with full flavoured meaty dishes.

Chateau Chantelune Margaux 2007

Best Sellers - Chateau Chantelune 2007
Chateau Chantelune is so called in honour of the previous owner of the property; a woodsman and carpenter who believed the wood was of a better quality when felled by the light of the full moon. The vineyard that has been developed by Jose Sansfins is small in size allowing him to produce small quantities of exceptional fruit, therefore the best quality wine. An exquisite Margaux displaying everything a wine of this quality should. The Merlotdominance offers a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel with elegant berry fruit, soft spicy notes and a long finish one can really savour.

Mas Amiel Maury, 2010Best Sellers - Mas Amiel

Mas Amiel is the largest and most important producer in Maury. Located in the heart of Cahar country, just below the ruined castle of Queribus, it was founded in 1816 when Raymond Amiel won the deeds from the Bishop of Perignas in a game of cards. Drinking well now, and for the next three years. Surprisingly, this is a very versatile wine that makes a delightful chilled aperitif, an excellent partner to pâtés, foie gras dishes and strong soft cheeses, or a luxurious accompaniment to rich warm chocolate desserts.   That's the best selling wines of 2012 then, and we can't wait to see what 2013 brings. There'll be lots of new products so we'll let you know about those as we get them. Here's to a fabulous 2013!  

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