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Getting Crafty with Corks

At the office we've been saving corks for months and now have a huge bag of them. The plan is to make a big mural with them but in the meantime I've found some ideas that you can do at home. Think of it as a kind of recycling. Cork candles

Candle Jars

This is a great idea and such a simple way to get crafty with corks. Absolutely anyone can do this one, it's just a case of putting corks in a jar. And don't forget, they are inflammable so they're completely safe too. They give off a lovely soft light so give them a try.    

TrivetCork Trivet

Again utilising the inflammable properties of corks another idea is to stick them together to make a trivet. Put them with the red wine stain facing up so you get a lovely effect. Maybe get the kids to help stick them together. Make sure the glue is non-flammable though. Hold the whole thing together with an embroidery ring to keep it taught.  

StampsCork Stamps - Crafty Corks

Rubber stamps can be expensive and you can't always find the design you want. So, why not make your own? I found a craft knife ideal to cut the shapes out, so not one for the kids to help make, but they'll certainly have fun with the results.  

Cork HeartCork Heart - crafty with corks

This is one of my favourite ideas for getting crafty as I love the way the colour gradients down the heart. It's Valentine's day in a few weeks so why not give it try? What better gift than a homemade expression of your love?  

Bathroom mat

Cork BathmatAnother amazing property of cork is that it is non-slip. When you cut through cork it produces millions of  microscopic little suckers so when you step out of the bath you won't slip over. It's easy to clean and looks fab too. Create you own design and make it fit with the rest of your decor.  

Coat RackCork Coat Rack - crafty with corks

My final idea for this post is creating your own coat rack using Champagne corks. The same idea works for drawers or door handles. I think it's a nice idea to save the corks of Champagne that you've drunk for a special occasion. That way it makes the piece really special.   So, there's just a few ideas of ways to recycle your old corks. But if you think of something or have made something yourself, come and 'like' our Facebook page and post a picture of your handiwork.    

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