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Wine Tasting - the Aroma Wheel

When starting to think about wine tasting it is very handy to use the aroma wheel. Most of us struggle to find the correct aroma in wine because there's often a lot going on in the wine, especially if it's a  complex one. Ann C. Noble developed the aroma wheel in 1984 at the University of  California, Davis, Department of  Viticulture and Enology as a guide for professional and amateur wine tasters alike. It is colour coded and split into 12 sections which then split into sub-sections. Use it and see if it helps you identify more in wine that you would ordinarily find. Aroma Wheel Don't forget though, this is just the 'text-book' characteristics of wine. In reality our brains don't always conform and all sorts of weird and wonderful tasting notes can be made. Check back next week and see some of the funny/odd tasting notes we've heard in our time.

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