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Wine For Easter Lunch.

It's springtime, my favourite time of the year and one that promises so much hope for the coming months.  Possibly the best bit about spring is the four day bank holiday we get for Easter so there's no excuse to not plan something lovely for Easter Sunday lunch. Traditionally lamb is served at Easter, because it is in season, so here's a couple of recipe ideas with accompanying wine for Easter to match them to and get your mouth watering. [caption id="attachment_964" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Honey Glazed Rack of Lamb with Bernard Baudry Chinon"]Honey Glazed Rack of Lamb with Bernard Baudry Chinon[/caption]

Honey Glazed Rack of Lamb

This is a great recipe courtesy of the Greedy Gourmet and ideal for Easter Sunday lunch. It's light, and relatively easy to do, especially if you ask your butcher to 'French' the racks for you. See the full recipe at [caption id="attachment_965" align="alignright" width="125" caption="Bernard Baudry Chinon 'La Croix Boisee' 2009"]Wine for Easter - Bernard Baudry Chinon 'La Croix Boisee' 2009[/caption] To go with this delightful dish I would recommend Bernard Baudry Chinon 'La Croix Boisée' 2009.  The small village of Chinon is located in the Loire Valley in the north-west of France where red wine is produced from the Cabernet Franc grapes. The climate is relatively cool so the grapes receive a long even ripening. This allows plenty of complexity to develop in the grapes and therefore, the wine. The nose is robust with dark fruits and a hint of earthy spice. The palate is rounded and rich with great texture, blackberry and raspberry fruit and a firm spicy finish. It's a hearty wine that can handle hearty food but with a lovely floral elegance that lends itself well to this dish, it's a great wine for Easter.   [caption id="attachment_969" align="aligncenter" width="520" caption="7 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb with Chateau Chantelune 2007"]Wine for Easter - 7 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb with Chateau Chantelune 2007[/caption]

7 Hour Slow Cooked Lamb

If you have the time this recipe is an absolute dream. The lamb literally falls off the bones and melts in the mouth and if you have the wherewithal to marinade it well in advance the flavour is exquisite. Have a look at the full recipe at [caption id="attachment_970" align="alignright" width="125" caption="Chateau Chantelune 2007"]Wine for Easter - Chateau Chantelune[/caption] This is a rich dish with loads of flavour so the wine for Easter that I've chosen to go with it has similar characteristics. Chateau Chantelune 2007 from Margaux in Bordeaux is made from grapes sourced in vineyards that neighbour those of the prestigious First Growth Chateau Margaux. The previous owner of the property was a woodsman and carpenter who believed that felling trees by moonlight gave the best quality wood. Jose Sanfins, the new owner who created the vineyard sticks to this philosophy whilst growing the grapes to produce the most concentrated wine he can. This incredible quality Margaux has excellent ageing potential but is smooth and well defined now. Aromas of dense berries, cedar and chocolate are backed with with a weighty, peppery palate with ripe tannins, heaps of black fruit and truffle. The finish is elegant and savoury with truffle and a hint of warming spice.   Why not try one, or both, of these recipes and wine for Easter and let us know how you got on and what you thought of the wine pairing. Enjoy!  

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