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Tendil et Lombardi Champagne - New & Exclusive

At the Perfect Cellar we are always hunting out excellent quality wines from small independently run wineries and our new and exclusive Champagne, Tendil et Lombardi is no exception. [caption id="attachment_984" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Vineyards in Cotes des Bar"]Tendil et Lombardi Vineyards[/caption] Tendil & Lombardi Champagnes are made using grapes of the highest quality that have been sourced from the prestigious vineyards of the Côtes des Bars region. Champagnes from this area are known for their strong character, elegant balance, and complex aromas; traits that are easily recognizable in Tendil et Lombardi Champagnes. Côtes des Bars, also known as Aube, is further south than the more famous vineyards of Champagne. It is, in fact, closer to Chablis than it is to Reims. The difference in the soil and the subtle increase in temperature means Pinot Noir thrives here so you'll find a dominance of the grape in Champagnes from the area. The philosophy of Tendil et Lombardi is to produce wines that are the perfect combination of modernity, authenticity and tradition combining style with substance. This is achieved through the work in the vineyards and winery which is meticulous with exacting attention to detail producing Champagnes of great character that highlight the terroir of the area. They choose to rarely blend cuvée in order to achieve wines that typically reflect the idiosyncrasies of Chardonnayand Pinot Noir independently. Maturation occurs for 24 months for Non Vintage wines, longer than the required 18 months minimum, giving a richer style of wine. Vintage wines can be matured from 36 months to as long as 5 years. It is because of this long maturation that the vintage wines show rich autolytic characters, finesse and great structure. [caption id="attachment_996" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tendil et Lombardi Champagne"]Tendil et Lombardi Champagne[/caption] The Perfect Cellar is proud to represent 6 Champagnes from Tendil et Lombardi. Follow the links below to see more information on our website and to make a purchase. Tendil at Lombardi Blancs de Blanc NV Tendil et Lombardi Blancs de Noir NV Tendil et Lombardi Rosé de Saignée NV Tendil et Lombardi Cuvée Hyménèe NV Tendil et Lombardi Blancs de Noir 2008 Tendil et Lombardi Rosé de Saignée 2007 Have a look at our previous Blog post to find out how Champagne is made.  

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