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Huasa del Trequilemu, Clos Ouvert - Our Best Sellers

At the Perfect Cellar our wines are predominantly French but there are some exceptions from around the world that we think are just too good not to represent. One such wine is Huasa del Trequilemu from Clos Ouvert in the Maule Valley of Chile, and it seems our customers agree as it is currently one of our best sellers. [caption id="attachment_1034" align="aligncenter" width="125" caption="Huasa del Trequilemu Clos Ouvert 2010"]Huasa del Trequilemu Clos Ouvert 2010 - Our Best Sellers[/caption] Huasa del Trequilemu 2010 by Clos Ouvert is produced from a traditional Chilean grape, Pais, who's ancestry lies in Spain. It is widely planted in Chile and its popularity has only recently been overtaken by Cabernet Sauvignon. Pais has a thin skin so the wine is a pale colour and light in body, similar to a Pinot Noir. The fruit is juicy with ripe red berries and a sweetness that adds to the intensity of the flavour. This freshness is balanced with lovely warm pudding spices, florals and aniseed that on the finish become almost chocolatey. This is truly an intriguing wine with great depth and complexity. Serve it cool rather than at 'room temperature' as the subtle fragrant qualities will be pronounced. Huasa del Trequilemu has been made in a biodynamic fashion and as such has not been filtered or fined. There will be a sediment but do not be concerned, it is merely bits of grape. The winemakers believe that leaving the bits in the bottle adds to the complexity when maturing. Use a decanter if you can but if you do drink some of the sediment it is absolutely harmless. The story behind Clos Ouvert is an interesting one. In 2006 three young Frenchmen, Matthieu Monden de Genevraye, Louis-Antoine Luyt and Sylvain Potin bought some vines in Chile. The Chilean wine industry at the time was very much focused on commercial, standardised wines. Matthieu, Louis-Antoine and Sylvain wanted to embark on a project to create real terroir driven wines that showed their varietal indiosyncracies and what is possible in Chile; Huasa del Trequilemu is a great example of this. [caption id="attachment_1035" align="aligncenter" width="256" caption="Vineyards in the Maule Valley"]Huasa del Trequilemu Clos Ouvert  - Our Best Sellers[/caption] The three believe that great wines are made in the vineyard and as such treat the vines in a strictly biodynamic way. They constantly strive to improve techniques with ecology and the environment in mind. This, combined with low yields and careful grape selection, means the wines produced are a true expression of themselves and of the highest quality. Chile lends itself to biodynamic viticulture due to it's natural defenses against pests and disease. The high Andes to the East, the Atacama Desert to the North and the Humbolt Current, the cold Antarctic wind, that whips the West coast of the country, mean nothing biological gets into Chile unless it has been carried there. The vines age between 200 - 350 years and produce low yields of intensely concentrated fruit. The wines we can taste today reach amazing quality, but this is only a sample of the quality they can reach in the future. Definitely a domain to keep an eye on...    

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