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Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Rosé - Our Best Sellers

In the wine trade you can always tell when summer is on it's way because sales of rosé wine suddenly increase. The last few weeks have been no exception with Henri Bourgeois 'Les Baronnes' Sancerre Rosé 2010 standing out as our best selling wine. [caption id="attachment_1093" align="aligncenter" width="125" caption="Henri Bourgeois 'Les Baronnes' Sancerre Rose 2010"]Henri Bourgeois 'Les Baronnes' Sancerre Rose 2010[/caption] The small town of Sancerre in the Loire Valley of France is best known for it's crisp, light white wines made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. They do make red wine here as well from Pinot Noir and when the vintage has been particularly good there is often enough to make Sancerre Rosé too. Henri Bourgeois has been a family run winery for 10 generations. They specialise in sourcing perfect plots of land with just the right terroir for their Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. The resultant wines are truly authentic with a classic, elegant style. This fresh, juicy Sancerre rosé gets its salmon-pink hue by 'bleeding' the colour out of the grape skins. The grapes are left to macerate at a cool temperature for 48 hours. This encourages just a little colour to seep into the juice giving us the delicate pinky-orange tinge. (Rosé wines with this colouring tend to be more elegant and food friendly as opposed to the overtly pink ones that can taste confected and too sweet.) [caption id="attachment_1094" align="aligncenter" width="279" caption="Vineyard at Henri Bourgeois"]Henri Bourgeois 'Les Baronnes' Sancerre Rosé 2010[/caption] The viticulture and winemaking techniques at Henri Bourgeois take the natural environment into account at all times. They use no chemicals on their vines and movement of grapes in the winery is done through gravity. Not only is it gentler on the grapes but it also means no electricity is used to transport them. This attention to detail produces excellent quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of the area. Henri Bourgeois 'Les Baronnes' Sancerre Rosé 2010 has a perfect balance of ripe red fruit sweetness and a racy acidity. It is soft in the mouth but has a zingy, fresh finish meaning it is ideal to match with food. Come back soon to see what we recommend eating with it.  

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