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Drink or Keep? A brief guide to ageing wine

As that great philosopher Anonymous said, “Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.” When you buy wine from The Perfect Cellar you may buy more than you can drink soon. Many of the wines that we list will improve with cellaring. Here is a brief guide to ageing wine properly. [caption id="attachment_1350" align="aligncenter" width="300"]DSC_7513 Wooden cases of Château Chantelune at The Perfect Cellar[/caption]

Some wines age better than others

A wine’s potential to age well depends on factors like the grape varieties, the conditions of the vintage, the winemaking technique, and even the size of the bottle: half-bottles age faster, while magnums and larger bottles age more slowly. A fine Bordeaux like Château Chantelune 2009 will benefit from long ageing of 10 years or more. Fine wines like Château Chantelune, Mas Amiel 15 Âns d’Age, or Bodegas Perica Oro Reserva Especial Rioja 2006 need proper care if they are to show their best.  

Proper storage for ageing wine

If you’re buying wines like these that can be aged for many years then proper storage is crucial. A spare space with a steady, cool temperature that’s away from vibrations, strong odours and bright light is ideal. With enough space you can install, or build, your own perfect cellar. Another ideal solution for long-term storage of wine is The Perfect Cellar’s range of wine fridges from La Sommelière, available in sizes that can accommodate 24, 36 or 66 bottles, all in Dual Temperature controlled compartments.

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