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Mother's Day around the world and our gift guide

With Mother's Day fast approaching, it might interest you to know how mothers are traditionally celebrated around the world and our suggestions for gifts. In 1920's France, the government awarded medals to mothers of large families; a small sign of gratitude for their respective parts in re-building the population, following WW1. The ancient Egyptians praised the Goddess of Motherhood, Isis, by erecting temples and obelisks in her honour. Whilst in ancient Rome a number of Chariot Races were dedicated to the Mother Goddess, Cybele. Well if, like me, you don’t have quite enough time to erect an obelisk before Sunday 30th March, why not buy your dear mum some amazing wine? Let’s face it, in Britain we do things a little differently but whether or not you believe your Mother deserves a medal for putting up with you, I’m sure you’ll agree she needs a little appreciation. Here at The Perfect Cellar we think this lovely, delicate, sparkling Cremant de Loire Rosé says it perfectly for only £14.99. Rosé not your mum's thing? Perhaps the Japanese can inspire you. Carnations are worn and given in reverence on Mothers’ day; a flower which, they believe, perfectly epitomises the sweetness and endurance of Motherhood. Traditionally red carnations were given to mothers still living and white worn to symbolise mothers who have passed away, but whether it is red or white you would like to give we’ve got some lovely wines for you. premier cru chablis for mother's dayFavoured by Michelin starred restaurants, this delightful Domaine Charly Nicolle Chablis 1er Cru 'Mont de Milieu' is the perfect way to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day.       Still not convinced? In contemporary Ethiopia, it is customary to dedicate an entire festival (Antrosht) to mothers, whilst on Mothers’ day in Mexico, children pen skits and melodies in honour of their mums and Ecuadorians present parades and serenades.If you’ve never been much of a performer then show your appreciation with a lovely bottle of Benedicte Jonchere, Grand Reserve, gift box and glasses. Bottle and glasses gift box. Perfect for Mother's day. Benedicte Jonchere, Grand Reserve ImageMother’s Day in India obliges children to reflect on the pains their mother went through in labour, the hardships she endured in bringing them up and the sacrifices she made that enabled them to lead better lives. If you think about it, you’d pay homage to your mother no differently doing things The Perfect Cellar way. I’m sure your mother, just like mine, had to sacrifice many a bottle of wine to pay for her children's expenses. I certainly think that going without at least a taste of an exceptional quality wine is a hardship that should be acknowledged! And if you really want to outshine your sibling in the ‘favourite-child stakes’ (who doesn’t), then go for a luxury faux-leather gift box with beautifully elegant stitched seams to present your gift in.

wine and gift box image for mother's day

While Champagne or fine wine may not ease the pain of childbirth now, it will go a long way as a means of saying thank you to the virtuous, sacrificing and wonderfully kind woman who gave you life. Go on…she deserves it. Felicity P.S. You'll need to be quick - order before 25th March for guaranteed delivery before 30th. Short on time? A virtual gift card never goes amiss!

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