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Saying yes to International Waffle day

Last Tuesday I realised that I have been missing out on one of the most important days of the year - International Waffle Day

international waffle day I always thought that having two pancake days in a year would be great, but last week I had something else to look forward to. As it appears, 25th of March was International Waffle Day. Since it was on a Tuesday, I decided to enjoy waffles on the weekend instead. And of course nothing beats a perfect weekend treat of dessert and wine. Baking has always been my favourite pastime, but it is unfortunately also very time-consuming. On any other occasion I would have made my own waffles, but bearing in mind it has been a busy week filled with many wine tastings and meetings, I have decided to cheat a little bit and buy the waffles. Only this time, or so I say. There were lots more waffles then I could possibly eat by myself, so I decided to kindly share with my flatmates, which instantly made me popular (I had to use some sort of ‘bribe’ since I was the newbie in the house). Such an occasion as an International Waffle Day calls for experimentation I thought. Hence we tried out a couple of combinations of my favourite wines to accompany the waffles. Take a lucky guess: yes it was dessert wines. I went for luxury Belgian waffles, gently toasted them and made a couple of tasty combinations:
  •  Stewed apples and cinnamon
  •  Maple syrup and bananas
  • Homemade Blueberry jam
A traditional apple and cinnamon combination with waffles always feels like coming home. Hence I felt obliged matching it with a wine that is the tradition of sweet wines in itself- a Sauternes. Chateau Filhot 2005 is subtle, elegant and sophisticated. Flavours of baked apples and just a hint of sweet spices. Amazing match, worth a try and definitely only minutes to prepare. international waffle day juracon Although waffles and maple syrup is also considered a traditional match, worth trying this with a banana instead of the American breakfast combination. The richness and syrupy texture of this dessert is begging for a wine with excellent acidity to cut through. Try a rising star from Jurancon in South of France. A wine like you have not tried before, amazing tropical fruit flavours and freshness that will definitely impress you. mas amiel international waffle day   Waffles with blueberry jam tasted absolutely delicious and I could not place it with anything other than my own favourite Mas Amiel Maury 2011. Burst of blueberry jam coming out of the glass, smooth and syrupy but very balanced wine. Perfect match! After intense tastings and heated discussions it was agreed to disagree, every match was equally well received. Although everybody had their own favourites. I suppose more tasting is in order just to settle that. I can't wait for International Waffle Day next year. Milda, The Perfect Cellar Team

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