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Best selling wines of 2013

Felicity talks us through some of our best selling wines from last year and investigates why they are so popular.

mas amielFor anyone who hasn’t tried Mas Amiel Vintage Maury you are in for a treat. Having previously never enjoyed fortified wines very much, this sweet red wine has really opened my eyes (and stomach) to how delicious they can be, offering an irresistible alternative to Port, that even the most tremulous drinkers can enjoy. The smells alone are enough to get you salivating, with wonderful aromas of ripe black fruits, coconut, coffee, spices, chocolate and tobacco. Beautifully balanced with plum fruit and spice tastes, this is a treat with any rich desert, cheese and pate course or simply chilled by itself. As a woman and, ipso facto, a chocolate lover, I can highly recommend drinking the Mas Amiel Vintage Maury with a rich bar of your favourite luxury chocolate. Or better yet lots of luxury chocolates! If you’re keen to try out this truly delicious desert wine and others from the range, come along for our marriage of wine and chocolate truffles on 17th April. After all, why let the kids have all the fun this Easter! For more information and to book click here. With New World wines on the rise in popularity, it’s no wonder our lovely Finca La Colonia Malbec is our second best-selling wine. Anyone who’s travelled around South America will have heard of Argentina’s famous Mendoza wine region. What people don’t often know is that it’s those high levels of ultra-violet light that produce that lovely distinctive inky red colour and intense fruity flavors with the Argentinian Malbec. I haven’t come across someone who does not like the very drinkable, smooth Finca La Colonia Malbec, so if you are not sure what you like and want to try something new, then give it a go. A true pleasure to drink. Bestselling wines Petit bourgeois Who doesn’t like a lovely French Sauvignon Blanc to wash down their supper? Our third most popular wine was the Petit Bourgeois, Domaine Henri Bourgeois. Grown in Sancerre in the appellation of ‘Le Jardin de France’ as it is sweetly known, this wonderful Sauvignon Blanc does not disappoint and perhaps appropriately, has a grassy bouquet aroma redolent of flowers! The Domaine started from humble beginnings with a mere 2 hectares of vines in 1950, but is now one of the most renowned wineries in the area; with Henri Bourgeois truly an expert in wine production. Lively, fresh and pure, this wine is delightfully easy to drink and has a vivaciousness that comes only from grapes harvested at a precise stage in their maturation. A fantastic match for summery salads and sea-food, or a great post-work tipple to enjoy with your friends. So there you have our top 3 best selling wines from 2013, the nation has spoken; and I have to say it certainly has great taste!  

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