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The Benefits of a Glass of Red Wine

The Benefits of a glass of red

A glass of redWith Lent over, it was time to celebrate and make up for what we gave up. Easter and the long weekend celebrations will have taken its toll on most of us and our waistlines. All of the delicious food, scrumptious cakes, chocolate eggs and wines that need to be tried and tasted. However, did you know that drinking wine is not as bad for your health as you may think? Health professionals claim that wine holds properties that are beneficial for your heart function. Although that does not come as a rule with all wines. Red wines are said to be the best, as they are rich in antioxidants that help fight the free radicals in our body. Simply put, it inhibits some of the irritants in our body, created by unhealthy and hectic lifestyles. They are also said to fight cell ageing, hence why your relatives that drink red wine seem to be smiling more and come across as happy souls. There are certain types of red wines that are more beneficial then others. Those higher in tannin and colour. Interestingly, antioxidants and the ‘miracle’ red wine compound reservatrol is found in grape skins and pips. Hence, ‘heavier’ wines and wines with harsher and more apparent tannins seem to affect your health more positively. None the less, white wines that have spent some time on their skins and have had some oak ageing will be a better choice then crisp and fresh white wines. Perica oro 2008Moreover, the increasing trend of organic and biodynamic wines also brings health benefits, as wines are less exposed to chemicals and sulphites. In order to boost your health and enjoy wines with a roast lamb, I recommend Mas du Soleilla Les Bartelles 2008. An organic wine from the Languedoc region, packed with bursting fruit and a subtle touch of oak. Also worth a try is a Perica Oro Rioja 200 a fantastic modern style of rioja, with firm and well integrated tannins and great structure. Although worth to remember that wine, just like any alcohol should be consumed in moderation in order to get it’s full benefits. Enjoy some wonderful wines, be happy and healthy. Milda, The Perfect Cellar Team

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