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As my birthday is coming up, I spent yesterday afternoon sampling some of our delicious wines suitable for celebrations. Of course they all have bubbles and are perfect celebration wines!

Celebration wines The list of wines we sampled was: Domaine de Landreau Crémant de Loire NV Domaine de Landreau Crémant de Loire Rosé NV Benedicte Jonchere, Grand Reserve Benedicte Jonchere, Grand Reserve Rose Tendil et Lombardi Blancs de Blanc Champagne NV Tendil et Lombardi Blancs de Noir Champagne NV That's four champagnes and two crémants. Not bad for a Thursday afternoon. Crémants are sparkling wines made in France, but not in the champagne region. You can find out more about them by reading our previous blog on other types of sparkling. For those who like Prosecco, but want something with a longer flavour then our Crémant de Loire is the perfect choice. Domaine de Landreau has been in the Morin family for four generations and they take a very serious approach to quality. The resulting white wine is crisp with apple flavours and hints of hazelnut while the rosé invokes strawberries and raspberries. Bénédicte Jonchère are a champagne producer who grow their own grapes (rather than buying in like larger champagne houses). The vineyard also employs more natural methods of pest control, utilising principles called lutte raisonnée. Only 5,000 bottles of the Grand Reserve are made each year so make sure you linger over the apple and white fruit flavours. The rosé is even more exclusive, with just 1,000 bottles made a year of this bright pink wine full of cherry flavour. True artisan champagnes. Celebration wines: Tendil Last up, were two unusual champagnes. Something a little different for those who need a talking point at their celebration. Both of these champagnes are from Tendil et Lombardi, a relative newcomer as a champagne house, starting in 2008 and only releasing their first wines in 2011 due to the long maturation period. Both are single grape varietals, from the clean fresh apple tastes in the 100% chardonnay Blanc de Blancs to the amazing biscuit flavour in the Blanc de Noirs. The focus here is on the pure characteristics of the grapes and it really comes through, you can see them here side by side in some tasting glasses. Blanc de Blancs on the left, Blanc de Noir on the right. They slipped down very easily indeed because they are less effervescent than other sparkling wines. The Blanc de Noirs is so unlike other champagnes that it really was a winner for me. Distinctive, expressive and a real talking point. I can't wait to get some for my birthday next week, but I am not sure I am going to want to share with anyone else!  Rebecca, The Perfect Cellar Team    

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