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The Perfect Afternoon Experience

Perfect Afternoon_18

Having spent the morning preparing the tasting room, the anticipation of the arrival of our special guests was on the rise. Nova of Nu Bride, Lottie of Lace & Love Hearts, Gabi of Sweetpea PR and Charlotte of Fizzy Bunting were coming to The Perfect Cellar at The Clerkenwell Collection for their very own Perfect Afternoon Experience. Working closely with the luxury wedding planners Zouch and Lamare we ensured that The Perfect Afternoon Experience was as perfect as ever and their attention to detail was undeniable. Perfect Afternoon_34 To help us retain the wedding theme throughout, we were lucky enough to welcome WildAbout Flowers, Krishanthi Photography and Urban Cinematography to The Perfect Cellar. Each contributing to setting the scene in the most professional and elegant way. The flowers were striking and of exquisite quality representing a very clear theme that tied in beautifully with the experience. The photography created by Krishanthi was stylish and captured every moment in a natural way. There is nothing worse than that moment where you wish something had been captured in a photo and it hadn’t. When Krishanthi had sent us the images from the event it was clear that she had not missed a thing, I barely noticed her moving through the room to capture that perfect picture and yet she had managed to without overwhelming us with images at the end. As ever the tasting was jam packed with fine wines and tasty treats to represent a perfect food and wine match. Moez Seraly, CEO of The Perfect Cellar was all set to home in on each guest’s individual preferences whilst ensuring the tasting was informative yet fun! Perfect Afternoon_81 Working with Zouch & Lamare we learned a great deal and will continue using all of their top tips. Creating the best experience possible incorporates a number of things, not only does the food, wine and venue have to be perfect but the finer details that capture the imagination and make a guest feel special, igniting every sense is vital. I will never forget Liesl arriving with her bag of tricks ready to transform the room in a few simple steps yet with such a huge impact! One of the most enjoyable things about running a wine experience is finding wines that everyone loves. Everyone has their own preferences and taste and so when Lotti of Lace of Love Hearts voiced that she generally didn’t like red wine, it was a real pleaseure to find a red wine on the day that she loved. And seeing the joy on everyone’s faces when they discovered new flavour combinations we had introduced them to had really made all of the joint efforts worth while. To finish the wonderful experience we had a fantastic film created by Urban Cinematography which helped us re-live every magical moment. Pieced together with such fine detail and subtle focus on the lighting to set the mood has had such a high impact. Generally I was blown away with the collaboration of efforts from all of the talents involved in making this experience one to remember! A special thank you to everyone who helped make The Perfect Afternoon Tea such a perfect one. Perfect Afternoon_79

The Perfect Afternoon from Urban Cinematography on Vimeo. If you would like to book your own Perfect Afternoon experience, then click here!  

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