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The Perfect love story: Moez Seraly and Olivier Decelle

A marriage of love, attentiveness and passion…sound familiar? You could say that it’s the foundation of any solid marriage but (as we’re not really qualified to give any relationship counselling) we’d argue it’s also the foundation of the relationship between a quality wine producer and his or her vines. Given that we exclusively sell high-quality wines made by producers more interested in the quality than the quantity of what they’re producing, we’re much more qualified to talking about that. You could say it’s a love of these wines that’s at the heart of The Perfect Cellar itself. And that brings us neatly on to Olivier Decelle – one hot property in biodynamic winemaking. We’ve always suspected that the beating heart of The Perfect Cellar, our CEO and founder Moez Seraly has a mild (to say the least) infatuation with this producer seemingly possessing the viticultural Midas touch, and recently I managed to steal five minutes of his hectic schedule to ask him how it all began.  

How did it all start?

I was first introduced to his Mas Amiel wines by an oenologist friend and was connected to the export manager. We then met in London and through that met Olivier, with whom I hit it off immediately. He really bought in to the vision of what we were trying to do and so when The Perfect Cellar first began, he supported us in the UK, and our friendship has blossomed to the point where my family now stay with him at Château Jean-Faure whenever we visit Bordeaux.

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What impressed you most about him?

The story of his hugely successful move from Picard Surgelés (French frozen food retailer) into wine is just incredible. He’s an extraordinary, inspiring leader making outstandingly good wines.

What is it that you particularly love about his wines?

His uncompromising focus on quality and his inherent love and passion for terroir shines through in every one. Usually this is a quality you only see in people who’ve worked in the industry their whole life, but his is one that comes straight from the heart.

What is The Perfect Cellar’s current relationship with Olivier Decelle?

We are proud to be the exclusive importer of all his wines – Mas Amiel, Château Jean-Faure, Haut-Maurac and Haut-Ballet, as well as his latest venture in Burgundy with Pierre-Jean Villa, Decelle-Villa.

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Do you think you both share a similar outlook on wine?

Completely. We both love great terroir and a simple process where one winemaker is responsible for vineyard management all the way through to the final bottling. And we both wouldn’t sell wine we wouldn’t drink ourselves.

What is your favourite wine that he produces and why?

One? Mas Amiel Vintage Maury. And actually Jean-Faure 2009. Oh but also, the Decelle-Villa Puligny Montrachet (that’s three then Moez…).

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