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Why I Wish I Were More French This Valentine’s Day

There are many fine reasons why I love being a Brit – marmite for breakfast, roast dinner on Sunday, tea to ease the nerves after working a 12 hour day and the joy of returning home to Doctor Who or Eastenders. I even enjoy the odd bumblings of my dad’s neighbour when a fox breaks into the garden, ’I don’t mean to alarm you old chap..’ he’ll begin over the garden hedge. My list of pleasures doesn’t exactly scream desire or warrant any degree of lust. There are times when I feel I’m batting for the wrong team, that perhaps my heart belongs in a wilder, more candid space. Just across the pond our French cousins seize the pleasures of life full-frontal and with two hands around the neck. Life doesn’t have to be smooth and organised – in fact they embrace the rough and the rugged, the exotic and the unusual. This is something some of us Brits can’t quite comprehend, we either ignore with supressed jealousy or judge with disdain. With 50 Shades of Grey hitting the box office this week we’re forced into a rude awakening, or should I say sexual awakening, and persuaded to question the simple urges of life and perhaps to push the boundaries a little further..? No respectful woman sat on the tube with 50 Shades on their lap as a chosen light read for the daily commute. My sister admitted to acting like a naughty schoolboy, reading the raunchy content within another, more decent book, away from the prying eyes of strangers. I imagine the French would have dealt with this issue in an entirely different fashion. In fact this wouldn’t have been an issue at all, mirrored by their certification of the eagerly awaited porno with a PG12 in cinema. Our Stilton is clearly their cream cheese. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to stoke the fire and rekindle the flames of sometimes an overlooked love affair. However, rather than allowing this to fizzle out after just one day, just one evening, I encourage us Brits to take a leaf out of the Frenchies’ book (or the 50 Shades novel in fact) by living every day with passion and in the words of the fabulous Iggy, with a lust for life. Our friends from Champagne, Tendil & Lombardi have embraced this very notion by partnering up with Box of Grey’s Bijoux Sanctum Box. A naughty but very nice accessory to this little box of tricks...


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