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No Need to Fuss, Beckett's is the Epitome of Cool

I’m thrilled to reveal The Perfect Cellar is stretching out its vines to new pastures with the addition of our first home-grown gin! Not just any old gin, the only gin in the world to infuse English juniper berries into the mix, making Beckett's gin quintessentially British! But before you throw three sheets to the wind ol’ chap, this gin boasts a spice injection from more exotic lands with the finest mix of botanicals. For the citrus notes they use Moroccan lime and coriander. They also add Spanish sweet orange peel and Italian orris root to smooth these notes to perfection. With the final masterstroke, a cool, refreshing finish of mint brings us back down to earth, grown in the distillers own back garden in Kingston-upon-Thames

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Becketts has recently propelled itself into London’s Soho nightlife serving up some ingenious creations. But the beautiful thing is you don’t need to do anything fancy, with just an ice cube this gin requires no sustenance from 3 or 4 or 5 shovels of lime wedges: its smooth and expressive all by itself. We’ve opened a bottle and we hope you’ll join us for the gin revolution.

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