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What’s Your Flavour?

The world of wine can be an immense and mysterious place. With over 40 producing countries and hundreds of grape varieties it’s always in motion, creating new flavours and styles to enjoy.

Finding a wine that you like is always fun with a sense of satisfaction when you find one that tickles your taste buds. However, the journey can also be a difficult one to tread, with unexpected landmines along the way.

Here at Perfect Cellar, our aim is to make wine a little less puzzling so you can focus on enjoying the wines you love without risk of disappointment. By identifying the flavour profiles of wine we help you to understand why you love the wines that you do. This will enable you to unleash your inner Indiana Jones, taking the path less trodden and tailored to your taste.

For all of our wines we provide a visual indication of the flavours your taste buds will experience.

Crisp Dry White

These wines are best enjoyed young to retain fresh, zesty flavours and mouth-watering acidity.


Fruity Aromatic White

From a frisky Sauvignon Blanc packing a hit of lightning bolt zest to the elevating aromas of Riesling, these flavoursome wines give your mouth more to think about.


Full Bodied Rich White

This style of white has a rich and generous nature. Oaked Chardonnays are toasty and smooth, whilst Viognier is frisky with ripe fruit.


Light Easy Drinking Red

These wines tends to be lower in alcohol than other reds, with bright acidity, subtle red fruit and complimenting floral aromas. 


Medium Bodied Red

These ‘middle of the road’ guys take the best qualities from both light and full bodied reds: subtle fruit and a bold structure respectively.


Full Bodied Rich Red

 All the boxes designed to impress are ticked: high alcohol, big tannic structure, rich dark fruit flavours and a deeply complex character.


 Sublime Sweet Wines

Great sweet wines manage to balance luscious sweet fruit with refreshing bright acidity and delicate perfume. 


Ravishing Rosé Wines

Rosé comes in all different styles from salmon pink Provencal to the deep, fruit laden Rosados from Rioja. Energetic red fruits, symbolic of the season bring the summer to your glass.


We want to know what’s your flavour? We hope you have fun finding out!


The team at Perfect Cellar

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