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Fast Cars and Fine Wine

Fast Cars and Fine Wine

I always (and rather geekily) compare wine to cars. They are both things that I can relate to, and so I can happily tell you that your common or garden Pinot Grigio is like a Ford Fiesta -  reliable motoring, if not the most exciting way to get from A to B.

Now I believe that 'Fine Wine' begins at about the same point in a range that car manufacturers start offering v6 engines and 4-pot turbos. Here we have exciting wines with some evidence of race-bred design but without the price tag of the supercars. The Guidalberto is a case in point : at £28 it is an accessible cabernet-sauvignon based wine. The best I've tried under £30, in fact. Being the 'second wine' of the iconic Italian wine Sassicaia, it comes with a big engine, fatter tyres and stiffer suspension but still manages a very acceptable 40mpg.

What is a 'second wine'?

Sassicaia is the Porsche 911 Turbo of Tuscany. Older vintages are classics, it is very high quality and offers the right thrills, making it rather collectable. The grapes that aren't considered worthy of going into Sassicaia may instead be used to make Guidalberto. These are often from young vines that, when all grown up will make the grade. So a 'second wine' is basically a mini version of its bigger brother. It is the Porsche Boxster of the wine world.

Can I build a Fine Wine portfolio?

Much like rare and classic cars, the top wines in the world are collectable and highly desirable. Their values fluctuate up and down, but differently to other commodities. This makes wine a great way to diversify your traditional portfolio. For this reason, we offer a portfolio management service. Whether you are looking to build a 'garage' of Fine Wine from scratch or would like to pass over management of an existing one, why not get in touch to see what we can do for you?

Can I drink Fine Wine?

Fine Wine is more expensive than your common or garden Pinot Grigio. Fact. Better things in life usually are. But we aren't exactly talking big bucks here. How much did you spend last time you went shopping? And, dare I ask, how much was that bottle of house wine in the restaurant last week? Ok so there are some headliners - like a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, a case of 1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild is going to set you back a fair bit. But that is very high end stuff. For drinking, you can enter a world of spectacular quality for less than £30 per bottle. And, let's face it, wine is first and foremost a liquid to be enjoyed with family and friends.

How can I take my passion further?

Like test driving a Ferrari F40, you can only get so much enjoyment (legally) on the roads. To get the full high-octane experience, you must head to a circuit. Wine's high-octane equivalent comes courtesy of food.

We combine the best of both in bespoke packages for our clients, creating the gastronomic equivalent of a heart-stopping Formula 1 weekend. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will create a unique package fit for you and your guests. And boy do we do it well!

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