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Icewine Cocktail Recipes for Summer

There’s no better way to cool down in the summer heat than with an Icewine cocktail. It’s all in the name! Get your shakers and martini glasses out from the back of the cupboard and impress your guests with the following cocktail recipes:


N’Ice Wine Gin Martini

♦ 50ml Ziraldo Riesling Icewine 2012

♦ 50ml of Gin

♦ 50ml Lime Juice

Shake with crushed ice, serve in Martini glass.

N’Ice Wine Sparkling Cocktail

♦ 100ml of Domaine Landreau Cremant sparkling wine

♦ 30ml Ziraldo Riesling Icewine

Pour into a Champagne Glass and dress with fresh seedless grapes.


N’Ice Wine Slushies

♦ a few handfuls of ice cubes

♦ 200ml Ziraldo Riesling Icewine 2012 or your favourite Icewine

Pour cold Icewine over several ice cubes and mix in a blender,

Garnish with frozen grapes.



Icewine AKA, ‘nectar of the Gods,’ is made by leaving grapes on the vine well after they have ripened to be frozen by the severe Canadian winter. These ripe, frozen grapes are handpicked during the night and crushed, separating the ice from the sweet grape nectar. The resulting wines are lusciously sweet, balanced with bursts of tropical fruit and fresh acidity. Take your pick of our Icewine range by Ziraldo, the man who put Canadian wine on the map.

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