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Wine Club: Taking Care Of All Your Wine Needs.

To celebrate the launch of our Wine Club, I caught up with Jamie, our Wine Club Manager to find out why he’s so passionate about it.


  1. In a nutshell, what is a wine club?

Wine Clubs can actually be a few different things. It originates from informal groups of private enthusiasts who regularly meet to drink and discuss wine. More recently, it also loosely refers to online wine subscription service – ours would fall under the second definition.


  1. What approach did you take when designing the service?

Much easier question! I put myself in the shoes of a member - I’ve been a member of wine clubs before myself, which made it simpler. Wine Club customers should be your most treasured - they are your most loyal, after all - and so they should be offered a service like ours that treats them as such.


  1. How does it work?

We send you bi-monthly cases. There’s two price points, you can order cases of 6 or 12, and the selection can be mixed or red wines only. These can be tailored to your personal wine tastes, and everything is sold to you at 10% off retail price.


  1. What else can the wine club offer potential customers?

The wine club is a great avenue to try different wines in our range, and take the strain out of ordering wine. Think of me as your personal account manager; instead of telling you what you’re going to receive, I’ll ask you what you want. We’ll invest in you too – 5% of all your wine club revenue goes into a pot for you to redeem free wine. You also get the best deal of any customer, as the 10% discount and free delivery continues on re-ordering any wines you receive as part of the club.


  1. What’s your favourite wine club wine at the moment?

I love the Bodegas Perica 6cepas6 Tinto. It’s so juicy and delicious, and like all good Spanish reds, is a very flexible food partner whilst being incredibly enjoyable on its own.


  1. And why should I join?

I want to give you the chance to try as many of our wines as you can. That’s why we’re running an amazing 50% extra free offer at the moment on your first case. Put simply, if you sign up to receive cases of 6, we’ll give you 9 bottles. Sign up to a case of 12 and you’ll get 18. Bargain!


To find out which wine club membership can work for you, click here.

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