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Mas Amiel : Delicious Wines From the Mediterranean

Mas Amiel was founded in 1816, and is now the largest and most important producer of Maury in the world, producing some of the most sought-after sweet Maurys of southern France.

This warm, Mediterranean land is populated with Grenache creating concentrated and elegant, sweet vintage red and white Maurys: rich, velvety smooth with silky fruit and perfume. These delectably sweet wines are made by allowing the grapes to ripen on vine for longer than normal to increase the sugars. Fermentation begins but is halted with the addition of highly rectified grape spirit. The process is known as fortification and kills the remaining yeasts leaving us with a deliciously sweet red wine (with a slightly higher alcohol).

The wines are then aged  under the sun in large, glass demijohns for deliberate oxidation, developing outstanding complexity of nutty, spicy and rancio character.

We have recently introduced a number of new and exciting wines from Mas Amiel. The Vertigo range with it's crisp and perfumed white made from Grenache Blanc. If you're looking for a wine to impress, the full bodied Origine with smokey, blackcurrant and mint flavours certainly makes an impression and isn't easy to forget with such long length. This rich wine has come from 100 year old Carignan and Syrah vines ensuring every sip is packed with flavour.

As you would expect with all Mediterranean regions, Mas Amiel wines are designed to be accompanied with food. The red Maurys are a dangerously delicious match with high quality, dark chocolate, a perfect pairing with your Easter leftovers!



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