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Best food and wine pairings: Autumn Recipes

You know winter is just around the corner when London is beside themselves with the news that temps are set to reach low 20s this weekend! We’re a hopeful nation, afraid of winter, basking in the short-lived sunshine of Autumn.

We want to keep you in your comfort zone with a selection of sensational autumnal recipes and wine pairings. These are aimed to keep you warm and happy as the speedos are put into storage and UGGs replace the flip-flops.

The following dishes are food for thought, reflecting seasonal ingredients that is readily available at your local fruit and veg markets.

Mushroom Risotto – Creamy and comforting with very little effort when it comes to cooking. All you need is one dish! When it comes to wine you need a fresh, mineral hit that’s a light as the fluffy rice and packed full of flavour. Try a rounded new world Chardonnay, the fresh acidity will lighten this hearty classic and a touch of oak complements nutty, forest mushrooms. We recommend Larry Cherubino’s Chardonnay, this Burgundian style, new world wine is delicate and refined.

Gnocchi with tomato sauce – good gnocchi deserves good Italian wine. Try a fruit driven Valpolicella from Corte Sant Alda to add a bit of spice to this dish. I suggest adding a couple of chillies into a rich tomato sauce on wet and dreary days.  

Butternut squash soup – the ultimate comfort food when you need a pick me up. Soup doesn’t have to be tricky when pairing wine, simply look at your main ingredient. Butternut squash is sweet with a full and rich texture, so it deserves a rich wine that can cope with a bulky flavour. I recommend a new world Viognier from Lismore Estate, South Africa. This is a confident wine that shares the spot-light rather than overcrowding.

Apple and blackberry crumble – I never forget a pud when it comes to a recipe line-up! And for me a crumble defines the autumn season with seasonal fruit baked until it’s golden brown with lashings of custard or (and..) cream depending on your mood. This dark berry treat doesn’t necessarily need to be paired with something sweet. If you’re anything like me you’ll already have added a pound of sugar to the crumble mix! Try a bright, new world Pinot Noir from Wollaston Vineyards. This biodynamic wine is silky and fruit driven, whilst lightening the pudding.

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