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Welcome Domaine des Huards!

Wine has been made at Domaine des Huards since 1846 and has passed through the hands of 7 generations of winemakers. They sit in the flat, green land between the Loire and Sologne regions, just a stone’s throw away from Cheverny Castle.

The land has been farmed using organic and biodynamic practices since 1998. This decision was made due to the Gendrier family’s philosophy of producing natural wines that represent the closest expression of the terroir and vintage, producing wines that generate the maximum amount of enjoyment.

Huards are known as a ‘grower producer’ as they make wine solely from the grapes they produce on their land. Their hero variety is Romorantin. This white grape is the cousin of Chardonnay, producing intense mineral wines with steely backbone and confident expression.

Huards begin their harvest at the end of September, and will continue throughout October. Lots is going on in the winery to ensure the wines are made naturally, including the use of natural yeast for fermentation and low sulphites.

We’re very excited to represent them exclusively in the UK and hope you enjoy discovering the taste of Domaine des Huards yourself. See the full range here.

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