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Top 10 teams and their wines: Rugby World Cup

It’s a rugged game played by gentlemen, which gets the ladies blushing. The world cup has everyone glued to their seats and whether you’re patriotic, rooting for the underdog or watching for love of the game, we’ve compiled a list of the top teams and their accompanying style of wine.

This year we’ve seen a captivating array of unpredictable results: the underdogs, such as Japan and the USA, have given our top teams a run for their money.

1) New Zealand – Simply the best. This may be because there isn’t much going on in New Zealand apart from green pastures or because they’re built like warriors. But there’s no denying, New Zealand is tipped to win. Which, is why we’ve paired them with an outstanding Champagne, Tendil & Lombardi.

Australia – Our cousins from down under have demonstrated they have the ability to go all the way, whilst playing an extremely attractive game. We’ve paired the delicate flavours of Larry Cherubino.

South Africa – South Africa were given a run for their money in the beginning but you don’t knock these giants down twice. We’re putting our money on them reaching the semi’s and paired them with Lismore Estate, a  big and confident producer, leaving a lasting impression.

England – Ah, the apple of our eye, England haven’t failed to deliver on excitement. We’ve paired our homegrown heroes with Langham Estate, English sparkling wine.  We’re all rooting for their success!

Wales – They’re spirit is driving them forward. But with a large number of their major players injured, it’s unlikely our Welsh neighbours will take it all the way. We’re raising a glass to them for fighting the good fight with a glass of Benedicte Jonchere

Ireland – Quiet and professional, like a well-oiled machine, Ireland are taking the world cup in their stride. We’ve paired them with Decelle Villa, our Burgundian producer that achieves perfection through meticulous viticulture.

France – Rugged and untamed, who knows what the French will pull out of the hat next?! Whatever it is we’re assured entertainment and Atonio is a pleasure to watch! We’ve paired them with Mas Amiel from the Languedoc- Roussillon region, a wild Mediterranean landscape producing some of the most sought-after sweet Maurys in the world.

Argentina – They’ve earned a reputation for being rough and scrappy on the field, taking no prisoners along their way which is why we’ve paired the big and boisterous Andeluna Cellars wines, these are satisfying and generous wines, with a lot of oomph!

Fiji – When it comes to the ‘love of the game’ Fiji will give you what you’re looking for. All natural born players, giving their all. We’ve paired them with Mas du Soleilla, our wild exclusive producer from southern France. They are making incredible wines that are a true expression of their environment. 

Scotland – We’re awaiting Scotland to show us their true colours. So far so good for these highland heroes but we want to see what lies beneath...the kilt.  So we've paired our northern friends with an equally colourful wine, that's red blooded and wild - the Ktima Gerovassiliou range from Greece. 

We’re raising a glass to all the teams playing the good game, with millions of eyes watching. Good luck to them all!

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