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Top 5 Best Valentine's Day Films To Watch on Netflix

Valentine’s Day is a confusing time for both boys and girls. The amount of pressure to spend an unnatural amount of time and money on the person we may like, fancy or love can be rather nerve-wracking. There is a growing belief that this day is a corporate conspiracy conceived by candy makers, rose growers, lingerie stores, and jewellers to get people to spend money on junk.

Other, (less angry) people see it as a day to spend time with your significant other to make them feel special and loved. This doesn’t necessarily mean going into your overdraft or taking out a payday loan - in the words of John Paul Young, Love is in the air, so just enjoy the day and each other.

We have a novel idea, why not save your pennies this Valentine’s day, snuggle up on the sofa with a nice bottle of wine and a film?

We give you our top 5 films available on Netflix and the wines to make the perfect night in.

5. Mermaids

The legends that are Cher and Bob Hoskins, brought together in one film is a dream come true. A film for any strong minded couple. Enjoy the laughs with a white for her and a red for him with the Decelle Villa Burgundy Duo.

4. The Thomas Crown Affair

Pierce Brosnan plays the Millionaire kleptomaniac, Thomas Crown, who’s suave and sexy charms are too irresistible for the female agent trying to catch him. We pair him with the rich, award-winning Romanico from Teso la Monja.

3. Ghost

For all you soppy lovebirds out there, if there were ever a time to re-enact the Moore-Swayze’s clay moulding scene, the time is now. Enjoy a glass of Sancerre by Domaine Laporte whilst listening to Unchained Melody. And yes, the grapes were grown in clay soils.

2. Romeo + Juliet

A classic story of forbidden love. Leo’s and Claire’s is a love that will live forever… let’s ignore the ending. Pair with a classic Bordeaux from Chateau Haut-Maurac 2009 for a romantic night in with another classic from Baz Luhrmann.

1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover

If you’re looking for a steamy Valentine’s turn up the heat with Lady Chatterley search for a lover. If the heat gets too much, cool down with a crisp glass of Ruinart Rose with glasses included.

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