How to Stock Your Wine Rack with 8 Bottles for Every Occasion

How to Stock Your Wine Rack with 8 Bottles for Every Occasion


How to Stock Your Wine Rack with 8 Bottles for Every Occasion

Incorporating wine into your life is one of the easiest things you can do for a happier existence. Consumed in moderation it can be the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal, the ideal remedy for a long day or the best companion to a bar of chocolate and an evening on the sofa. You don’t need a cellar full of 1000 bottles to have the right wine on hand at all times, in fact, having roughly 8 bottles should do the job perfectly.

For the Big Moments Champagne

An unexpected new promotion, an engagement or a wedding anniversary, whatever the celebration champagne is the only way to mark the occasion. 

For the Lazy Brunch

Some weekend mornings demand smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or avocado on toast and what better to wash them down with than a light sparkling wine. Keep it simple with an Italian Prosecco or keep it local with an English sparkling wine if you’re expecting brunch guests and want to impress. 

For the Little After-Work Glass

You want something unoaked, crisp and refreshing that will go just as well with a creamy pasta dish as it will with a sandwich. Opt for something light bodied such as a sauvignon or chenin blanc. These wines are extremely versatile and should be popular with any friend or colleague you may invite over for a stressful day debrief. 

For the Evening by the Fire

As the weather gets colder many tend to crave a warming glass of red, perhaps curled up on the sofa with the fire lit. Syrah makes for a great, versatile everyday red that’s suitable for an evening sip or to pull out when friends pop by. As with sauvignon it also fits with a variety of foods, so it’s a wine rack staple. 

For the Last-Minute Gift

Keeping a couple of bottles of something impressive, that isn’t going to break the bank, on hand is great for last minute dinner invites when you want to take a bottle for the hosts (or yourself). Go for a red such as an old vine Zinfandel, or a white such as Gewurztraminer. They are both universally appealing but aren’t the obvious choices, so you are likely to delight your host, or diversify the dinner party wine collection. 

For the Fussy Drinkers

Chardonnay is the most popular wine in the world, and for good reason. It’s made in countless different styles and has a variety of tastes, plus its hugely popular so guests are likely to be comfortable with it. On top of this you can often pick up a great bottle very affordably so it’s perfect to have in stock for entertaining and story sharing.

For the After-Dinner Tipple

Whether you’ve gone overboard on the pudding or want to skip it for something lighter dessert wine is the best solution. They’ve long been left off the radar of wine lovers, but they are some of the most complex and historical wines of the world and deserve a place on any respectable wine rack.

For the Last Bottle of the Night

The dinner party is drawing to an end and you want one last glass to offer the guests, at this time of the night the quality of the last bottle isn’t going to matter too much. So, we would recommend always having a bottle of something simple on hand, to prevent you waking up in the morning thinking “I wish I hadn’t opened that”.

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