Bordeaux En Primeur 2023

Unveiling the 2023 Bordeaux En Primeur: A Vintage of Distinction

The 2023 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign promises a unique opportunity for discerning wine collectors. While not a blockbuster year like 2019, it delivers a collection of intriguing and highly enjoyable wines with a distinct, classic style. Here's a closer look:

A Year of Contrasts:

2023 was a tale of two halves. While warm temperatures mirrored 2019, with significantly less sunshine, the ripening process slowed dramatically. This translates to wines with exceptional balance and freshness, resulting in a distinctive style – wines of medium weight, ideal for enjoying in the mid-term and for those who appreciate wines with refreshing acidity and moderate alcohol levels.

Old Vines Shine:

The vintage particularly rewards properties with established vines and experienced winemaking teams. These wines showcase impressive structure with fine tannins that promise excellent aging potential.

A Classic Profile with Modern Drinkability:Expect charming wines with vibrant acidity, moderate alcohol levels, and fine tannins. This classic profile evokes memories of revered vintages like 1985 and 2001. While these wines will age gracefully with proper cellaring, they are also approachable in their youth, unlike many modern Bordeaux that require extended aging.

A Buyer's Advantage:

This distinctive style translates to attractive pricing. Expect significant reductions across the board, particularly for the most prestigious estates (up to 30% off!). This presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire well-crafted Bordeaux at a compelling value. With a predicted decrease in pricing across all tiers, this En Primeur campaign presents a fantastic opportunity to acquire wines perfect for near-term enjoyment and long-term cellaring.

A Vintage for You?

If you enjoy wines with finesse, refreshing acidity, and moderate alcohol levels, the 2023 Bordeaux En Primeur is definitely worth exploring. It offers a unique opportunity to acquire high-quality Bordeaux at a great price, with a style that may not be readily available in future vintages.

Let us guide you in exploring the 2023 En Primeur offerings and discover the perfect wines for your collection.