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Fine Wine

What is 'In Bond' ?

Wines bought In Bond are exempt from duty and VAT, and are stored in one of a number of warehouses controlled by HRMC. Our bonded warehouse of choice is Vinotheque, and we can setup an account for you free of charge. There are storage charges payable, at a very competitive rate. Please note that you may be subject to a minimum annual fee so make sure you read the terms in full. The main benefits are:

  • You don't pay duty and VAT until you wish to have the wine delivered to your home
  • Vinotheque is temperature, humidity and light controlled and features impressive security. Insurance is also included in your storage charges. This ensures the safest and most beneficial conditions for your wine.
  • If you wish to sell wine, bonded warehouses are the best solution to guarantee provenance and quality. 

What is 'En-Primeur' ?

Many producers around the world will sell their wines before they are actually bottled. This is a way for buyers to in theory get the best possible price in return for giving the winery an income much sooner than if they waited until the wines were bottled and shipped. This allows immediate re-investment of cash into the next season's crop. This system works surprisingly well and is often the only chance to buy sought-after wines before they are snapped up by collectors and drinkers around the world.