Organic Wine: Your Guide to the Best Organic Wines

Organic Wine: Your Guide to the Best Organic Wines

Organic wine has become all the rage of late. As more and more quality-conscious winemakers see the benefits of organic winemaking, and wine lovers look for more sustainable wines it’s easy to see why organic wines have become so popular.

But what exactly is organic wine? Where does the best rosé, white, and organic red wine come from? And which wines are worth seeking out?  Perfect Cellar’s guide to the best organic wines reveals all…

What is an organic wine?

Technically speaking, organic wine is made by using grapes that haven’t had any artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides used on them. To put the word organic on the label, producer’s vines must be treated organically for at least three years and they have to commit to land management regulations too. It’s a serious undertaking. But as it can make a serious difference to the quality of a wine and a winery’s sustainability, it’s a giant leap that an increasing number of producers feel is worth taking.

Where do the best organic wines come from?

Fantastic organic wines can now be found all over the world. Not so long ago though it wasn’t winemakers who decided if they were going organic but their land. The dry, warm, well-ventilated sites that you find in the Rhône Valley, the Loire, Tuscany, and Rioja made it much easier to make the switch than in say damp Bordeaux or the pest-plagued Douro. Other regions such as California and Australia were early adopters, and newcomers like England are now getting in on the organic wine scene.

Which are the best organic wines?

There are now loads of superstar organic wine producers out there. To help you find your perfect ‘green wine’, here are some of our top sparkling, rosé, white, and organic red wines:

Organic sparkling wines

  • Villa Degli Olmi Prosecco – who doesn’t love a glass of Prosecco? This is seriously good fun and offers a lovely floral bouquet alongside juicy, pear and melon flavour, and a clean, tangy acidity. As is so often the case with organic sparkling wines, this feels brighter and even more full of life.
  • Domaine de Boise Moze Crémant de Loire - Crémant de Loire is always a great sparkling wine bet, and while this is rich and creamy, there’s a wonderful purity to the fruit thanks to its organic origins.

Organic rosé wines

  • Alain Jaume Belllissime Cotes du Rhône Reserve - The Rhône Valley is ideally suited to producing organic wines, and this rosé is an absolute cracker! With its pretty in pink colour and bouquet that blends red fruits with fine Provençal spices, it’s tangy and fresh, wonderfully balanced and long. 
  • Domaine Tour Campanets Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence – this is bottled summer. With wild strawberries, fresh raspberries, and a hint of nectarine richness before the clean, vibrant finish, this is a joyous organic rosé. 

Organic white wines

  • Settlement Poplars Vineyard Chardonnay – organic New Zealand Chardonnay at its finest. Aromas of grapefruit and preach leap from the glass, before a restrained, complex blend of orchard fruits, creamy vanilla, and citrus-soaked minerals come in at the finish.
  • Planeta Cometa – being made organically really seems to suit some grapes and Fiano is one of them. This intense Sicilian beauty combines bold notes of camomile and grapefruit with the richness of dried pears and sun-warmed apricots. Fresh, elegant and wonderfully refined, the purity of flavour is astonishing.

Organic red wines 

  • Chateau d’Esteau Cuvee d’Eyssan – a traditional Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc this is bursting with fruits of the forest, plums backed by bitter chocolate and dried tobacco. Again it’s the purity of the flavours that strikes you, as though someone has given them a polish.

  • Paternoster ‘Synthesi’ Aglianico del Vulture – bold, yet mellow, this glorious Italian is a treat for the mouth and mind. With its ethereal, fragrantly fruity bouquet of blackberries, blueberries, and pepper and palate of black berries, cherries, and crushed nuts, it is wonderful with or without food.

Like to know more about wine?

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