Types of fine wine

Types of fine wine

Fine wines complement dinner parties beautifully. Picking the best wines can enhance the experience and delight guests. Typically, the grapes used for wine are different from the ones you’ll find at the supermarket. Wine grapes have thicker skins and seeds, they tend to be smaller too. These grapes aren’t for eating but are perfect for creating sumptuous wines and there are over a thousand grape varieties too. So, what are the different types of fine wine?

Red wines

Fine wines come in many forms and a firm favourite is red wine. Made from black grapes, red wines are bold and light in flavour. They tend to be aged longer than others to enhance the taste. Grapes include Merlot, Sauvignon and Cabernet.

Rose wines

Rose is one of the more interesting varieties of wine available today. Black grapes are used to create rose wine but there is a twist – the skin is removed before the process begins. Removing the skin prevents changes to the flavour. These wines are truly delicious and tempting.

White wines

While there is no variation in colour, white wines tend to have a wider selection of flavour profiles. Most are made from white grapes and varieties include Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

Sweet dessert wines

Typically, dessert wines are designed to be served with sweet courses. Fine wines that fall into the dessert category often include dry or fortified varieties. They have a bite to them but can be balanced with a dessert course.

Sparkling wines

Champagne and prosecco are two examples of sparkling fine wines. These never disappoint because they’re among the finest examples of wine you can try today. Champagne has a distinctive flavour profile that isn’t too sweet, bitter or strong. A lot goes into creating these delicious wines.

Fine wines are determined by taste

You can often taste the difference between mass-produced and fine wine varieties. For instance, fine wines tend to be well-balanced and have distinctive flavours. You should also be able to recognise the wine’s profile when you taste it.

Enjoy the sumptuous delights of fine wine

Wines are unique. Each has a distinctive flavour profile and can be delightful for any occasion. When you know about the various types of fine wine, it can be easier to choose the right one. Fine wines tend to stand out in a crowd and can please most connoisseurs.
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