A basic wine guide

A basic wine guide

There is nothing more rewarding than relaxing with a glass of fine wine after a long day at the office. Wine can help you unwind and forget about the stresses of the day. If you’re new to the industry or want to know more about wine, this guide could help. So, what should you know about wine?

A basic wine guide

Understanding the basics of wine

You probably already know this, but most wines are made from grapes, and there are over a thousand different varieties used across the world. However, the types of grapes used to produce wine are very different from the ones you’d find in the local supermarket. Wine grapes tend to be sweeter and smaller than store-bought grapes. They also contain seeds and have thick skin; they can produce fine wine with a delicate balance and bouquet.

Getting to grips with wine tasting

Wine tasting is a skill that anyone can learn and can be hugely important to determine a good wine from a not-so-good wine. Being able to fine-tune your senses during a tasting is crucial. So, here are a few tips to help you have a successful wine tasting.

  • Pour a small amount of wine (less than 1/3) into a glass.
  • Let the wine rest for a few moments before lifting the glass and sniffing the bouquet.
  • Swirl the wine around gently (this should allow you to sense the different aromas).
  • Take a mouthful of wine to deduce the flavours.

This allows you to find a fine wine that’s suitable for every occasion.

Deciphering which wine glass to use

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes and that can make it slightly tougher to decide which one to use. Typically, a wide bowl-shaped glass can give the wine more air which helps to release the various aromas. On the other hand, a flute glass is perfect for sparkling wines, such as champagne. When you want to serve fine wine, try to use a glass that is appropriate for the occasion.

Store wine carefully

A lot of people assume wine can be thrown into the fridge or set aside in a cupboard until it’s ready to serve. While you could, in theory, put a cheaper bottle of wine in a cupboard, it’s not always the best. With fine wine, you want to ensure it is properly stored. This means keeping the bottle in a dry, moisture-free room. You also want to avoid the bottle coming into contact with direct sunlight.

Choosing fine wine

Everyone has an opinion over wine and what should be classed as ‘fine wine’. The reality is that there are dozens of wine options to consider. Some wouldn’t class prosecco as fine, whereas others would. It depends on what you like in a wine and what you feel is best served for an occasion.

The endless choice of wine

Wine is a delicate drink that’s unique in every sense. There are many varieties of grapes used and many types of wine available too. It’s great to see how varied wine is as it means there is something for everyone, whether you’re a wine enthusiast or otherwise. Fine wine can be what you make it, so enjoy a glass or two on those special occasions.

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