why choose perfect cellar?

  • Our team of wine experts including our founder Moez Seraly and Master Sommelier Christopher Delalonde bring their passion for high quality wines to your dinner table
  • Whether you want a £10 bottle or Grand Cru Classe , we have the right wine for you
  • You have free access to all the tools you need to have "Your Sommelier in your pocket"
  • Join us now a member and enjoy up to 20% off full price on our entire collection

From the beginning

Our Founder, Madagascan-Born Frenchman - Moez Seraly, initially partnered with a handful of carefully selected winemakers from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire and Champagne with the intent of making great quality wine an affordable luxury. That is how the Perfect Cellar was born.
Since then, the company has evolved and we are now proud to represent exceptional winemakers from all around the world including Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, New-Zealand, US and many others great wine producing regions of the globe. Always with quality, value and sustainability at the heart of everything.


We believe great wine is a luxury that should be accessible to everyone. Wine is personal, and only our customers should dictate which wine is perfect for them. Our job is to unearth the best winemakers and to lend a helping hand, guiding you to your perfect wine, to build your perfect cellar. We also take a lot of pride in making sure that every box is delivered with a beautifully designed and 100% recyclable packaging.
Our team is always available to offer support to our customers in every step of their journey.

Why are we different?

Our wines are made by producers who have a true passion for making outstanding wines year after year, using sustainable methods to protect their vineyards and heritage, yet delivering incredible products at a great price point. Above all, we take as much care looking after our customers and their experience as we do selecting our wines.
With Perfect Cellar you can now easily pair your food and wine with our app, build your own virtual cellar and enjoy your own virtual wine tasting at home with our Master Sommelier (and soon with Alexa). Our team is one call away to help you build your Perfect Cellar.