How To Pick High Quality Wines When You Know Little About Them

How To Pick High Quality Wines When You Know Little About Them

Pick High Quality Wines When You Know Little About Them

Selecting high quality wines can be a challenge when you know very little about them. Sometimes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing fine wine when you’re faced with endless choices, but it can be far easier than it sounds. With a little know-how and careful thinking, you can pick a quality wine for your party. So, what do you need to know about picking high quality wines?

Always check the label of the wine

Why check the label? It’s a waste of time, right? Well, checking the label on the bottle can be crucial because you need to know exactly what you’re picking. The label should typically list the ingredients, the age of the wine, grape type and varietal. These things matter when you’re searching for high quality wines.

If the wine is made by a family run property and/or is bottle at the property, this is always a good sign.

Ratings are a good start

Wines rated over 80 points are considered good. Wines rated 90 points+ are considered exceptional. A lot of good winemakers don't bother having their wines rated which is not a sign of bad quality. Another easier way, is to look at how other people rate the wines. This is why we identify all the wines rated 4+ points in Vivino where thousands of drinkers rate wines. 4+ out 5 is generally a great sign of general public approval.


Try new grape varieties

High quality wines come in many forms and it’s easy to bypass some just because you’re unfamiliar with the grape. So, why not try some new grape varieties? For example, if you are used to white wines, stretch your field to red grapes and see the differences between them. Broadening your horizons can help you find high quality wines that you might never have tried before!

Have a taste test to find high quality wines for special occasions

It’s difficult to be sure whether you or your guests will enjoy the wine you choose. So, why not have a taste test? This can be the ideal way to find quality wine for your special occasion. Don’t be afraid to try several new wines to find the best high quality wines. It’ll allow you to find the right wine for every occasion.

Select a wine you can pair

People don’t always think about pairing wine but it can be crucial when you want to complement a meal. You want to pair quality wine with specific foods so that your taste buds will enjoy the flavours more. While you might not think this is important, it’s worth considering when you’re having a special meal at home.

Find a quality wine to enjoy

Wines are special because they enhance meals and tantalise the taste buds. Choosing a high quality wine isn’t as difficult as you might think. So, you should consider a wine that can be paired with specific dishes, try new grape varieties and have a taste test. You should always read the label to see exactly what you’re getting also. Hopefully, these tips will help you find high quality wines with ease.

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