Why Premium Wine Is More Expensive

Why Premium Wine Is More Expensive

Premium wine is one of the most popular drinks around. But what separates it from the average wine? In this article, we will explore the most important aspect: quality.

Why Premium Wine Is More Expensive

Premium Wine Is Higher Quality

There are many factors when it comes to assessing a wine’s quality:


Premium wine tends to have something in common with other wines from the same region. For example, wine from Hungary is characterised by being sweet so beverages in the country should have a similar taste.


Tannin, alcohol, acid and sugar make up wine so the flavours must be balanced. You can tell the difference with a cheap wine as it may be overly sweet, sour or bitter. Top-level wine on the other hand has the right ratio which makes it more enjoyable to drink.


How long is the aftertaste? When the flavour of wine stays around in your mouth for longer, it is a sign of high quality. Again, a lower quality wine’s taste will finish quickly and leave nothing for your tastebuds to admire.


Premium wine gives off an aroma and scent that engulfs a room. It is powerful and intense due to its perfect concoction of ingredients. If you’re not sure whether a wine is high-end or not, its smell will tell you.

The smell of a low-quality wine does not stand out, it is comparable to other cheap, alcoholic drinks that lack an enticing fragrance.


The best wines in the world are complicated to make, they often contain a vast range of flavours. Not to mention, including ingredients that are slightly out of the ordinary like stones, mushrooms or baking spices.

Aside from its flavour, premium wine may possess contrasting elements. For example, it may smell one way and then taste completely different in your mouth.


How rare is the wine? Does it originate from a specific geographical location or is it a beverage that is commonplace in most regions of the world? In a nutshell, the more unique a wine is, the higher its value will be.

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