En Primeur - Delivery & Return Information


When available for delivery, you will be informed that your wine is available for delivery.

En Primeur wines will be delivered to your location of choice (UK Only):

a) If you choose to deliver in-bond (i.e. in a bonded warehouse), there will be no additional delivery charge.

b) If you choose to deliver to your home or any location that is not a bonded warehouse, Excise and VAT will be charged prior to delivery. 

The Excise rate for a 75cl still bottle (upto 15% abv) is currently £2.67 (Excise rates are subject to change by the government at any time.)

Current VAT rate is 20%. 


En Primeur wines are excluded from our normal return policies and are not refundable as we will make the commitment to the Chateaux straight after your purchase.