The Wines

This curated selection features a range of four French gems personally chosen by Sara Cox and Perfect Cellar founder Moez Seraly. Expect a sophisticated Grand Cru Champagne, a smooth Bordeaux, a delightful Petit Chablis, and a stunning rosé - all showcasing the best of their regions.


Michel Genet, self-proclaimed "Artisans of Grand Cru”, champions a natural approach. Their meticulously selected grapes undergo a rigorous, quality-driven process for exceptional results. Expect a gold-hued Champagne with notes of pastry and citrus, leading to a complex finish of cocoa and linseed oil.


A family passion project, Château d'Esteau in Haut-Médoc is on the path to organic certification. Led by the youngest of four sisters, Hélène Musso, the entire family contributes to crafting this hidden gem of Bordeaux. Expect a classic blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, resulting in a fruit-forward red with hints of oak and earthy elegance.


Steeped in history dating back to Roman times, Château Margüi boasts a distinguished past. Now under the ownership of Skywalker Vineyards, the estate has been meticulously restored, reflecting a commitment to preserving the essence of Provence. This Provençal gem offers a captivating bouquet of pomelo and peach, leading to a beautifully balanced palate with vibrant acidity and a lingering tropical finish.


Domaine Mosnier has been crafting exceptional Chablis since 1893. Nestled in the heart of classic Chablis vineyards, they leverage the region's unique terroir to craft dry white wines bursting with character. Expect a brilliant pale gold colour, a bouquet of white flowers and citrus with a touch of minerality, and a lively palate balanced by refreshing acidity.