10 Bottles Every Wine Lover Should Have In Their Wine Rack

10 Bottles Every Wine Lover Should Have In Their Wine Rack

There are many moments in life that call for a bottle of great wine. From the, ‘Oh yes!’ moments, to the more mundane, ‘Oh, why not?’ ones, there’s a wine for every occasion. To ensure you’re ready for all eventualities, here are the ten green bottles that every wine lover should always have in their wine rack: 

How to Stock Your Wine Rack with 8 Bottles for Every Occasion


Bottle 1: The celebratory bottle

From getting a promotion to lucking out in the Glyndebourne ticket ballot, life is full of things to celebrate. If it’s a big celebration, then a bottle of Champagne is the natural choice. For lesser ones, a bottle of your favourite red, white or rosé is just the thing to have to hand.

Bottle 2: The outdoor dining bottle

It’s a sunny Sunday morning so what could be nicer than taking lunch outdoors? Alfresco dining calls for light, bright whites, a full-flavoured Provence rosé, or juicy reds that will set off the food perfectly.

Bottle 3: The cosy night in bottle

The nights have drawn in and Apple TV has released the latest series of ‘Slow Horses’. It's the perfect time to settle down with a mellow bottle of red wine, a mature Bordeaux or a sophisticated New Zealand Pinot Noir for example.

Bottle 4: The vegetarian bottle

With nearly 9 million people in the UK now following a meat-free diet, the chances of you or someone you know wanting a vegetarian wine is pretty high. Vegetarian and vegan wines have become much more popular, partly because winemakers see vegetarian wines as being more sustainable.

Bottle 5: The thoughtful bottle

Got a decision to debate or a possibility to ponder? A glass or two of thought-provoking wine can be just the thing. As Louis Pasteur rightly pointed out, ‘A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.’ In our experience, a bottle of white or red Burgundy can help you think through the most intractable brainteasers.

Bottle 6: The ‘What a day!’ bottle

We’ve all had them. Those days when frustration seems to lurk at every turn. There’s nothing better to banish the bad day blues than a reviving glass of your favourite rosé, white, red, or fizz.

Bottle 7: The organic bottle

As people become ever more concerned about sustainability and their health, it’s good to have an organic wine in your collection. Organic and biodynamic wines are amongst the finest in the world, so why not be good to the planet and yourself?

Bottle 8: The ‘I’ve been saving this…’ bottle

Some occasions demand something extra special. Discovering you’re about to become a father, launching your own business, or simply seeing an old friend after many years are all good reasons to open that bottle you’ve squirrelled away for just such an occasion. Buying a fine wine young and ageing it at home not only gives you something to look forward to, it can also work out a lot cheaper. Perfect.

Bottle 9: The perfect (last minute!) gift bottle

Diaries and calendars are wonderful things, but if you forget to check them then you may find yourself in need of the perfect (last minute) gift. A bottle of good wine will fit the bill nicely.

Bottle 10: The ‘Just one more…’ bottle

There’s a rule when it comes to wine, particularly fine wine, ‘Best bottle first, everything else second.’ Unfortunately, when you’ve had a glass or five, it can be all too easy to conspiratorially think, ‘Just one more bottle…’ only to open something fine that you don’t appreciate and which leaves you feeling regretful in the morning. An easy way around this is to have a bottle of your favourite everyday drinking wine in your rack. That way your befuddled mind will take the path of least resistance without it costing you a fortune.

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