How To Pick The Perfect Bottle Of Wine For Christmas

How To Pick The Perfect Bottle Of Wine For Christmas

Christmas is on the way and it is time to decide what wine gift you should buy for the special occasion. Whether you're spending the holidays with lots of family and friends or just your partner, you need a festive wine that will complement your Christmas dinner. Here are a few tips on how you can choose the perfect Christmas wine.

Perfect Bottle Of Wine For Christmas

Tips To Pick The Ideal Wine Gift

Suit The Preferences Of Your Guests

The first massive decision is whether you choose red or white wine. Red wine such as Zinfandel, Burgundy and Pinot Noir goes well with roasted turkey or duck with spicy sides. Whereas, white wine like Riesling and Sauternes suit roasted meat with fruity flavours.

If cooking red meat, red wine is certainly the best option. Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz complement beef and pork dishes.

Choose The Right Brand

In a momentous time such as Christmas, you want to choose the finest wine without overspending. The best Christman wine is not always the most expensive one, however, the wine you pick must go well with your Christmas dinner.

Thankfully, it is now possible to purchase renowned wine and still stick to your budget. Therefore, opt for the brand that adds the most value to the occasion and the one your guests will thoroughly enjoy drinking.

Don’t Forget About Dessert and Post-Meal Wines

It is well-known that sweet wines go well with your dessert. For example, Muscat or Sauternes work brilliantly with seasonal desserts such as pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding. Likewise, Port wine or Madeira goes wonderfully with a sumptuous chocolate dessert.

When the main meal is finished and the cheese board comes out, you also need the right wine for this situation. A Late Bottle Vintage Port enhances the flavour of a range of cheeses so this is a great option.

Not to mention, a festive wine is needed if the Christmas party goes late into the night. A bottle of Nebbiolo will keep you dancing and chatting until the early hours. Alternatively, you could drink Champagne which is the perfect party drink. 

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