How To Choose Wine For Special Occasions

Luxury Wines for Celebrations

There are occasions when only a fine wine will do. A birthday, a promotion, a significant wedding anniversary or the celebration of someone’s well-earned retirement all call for the opening of a luxury wine

A fine wine at its drinking peak can be a memorable experience, but how do you choose the right one? Do you just go for something expensive or are there ways you can guarantee success? At Perfect Cellar, we believe everyone should enjoy the experience of finer wine, and in this guide to luxury wines for celebrations, we’ll help you get the right wine every time.

What’s the occasion?

Like the chocolates, not all celebrations are the same. Getting a promotion or the announcement of an engagement calls for Champagne. On the other hand, to celebrate a couple’s silver or golden wedding anniversary you may want a vintage red wine from the year they were married. A retirement gift, on the other hand, could warrant a case of fine wine that they can enjoy over the coming years.

Who will you be celebrating with?

It’s important to get the right wine for the right guests. If you’re buying a gift for someone who knows and loves their wine, splashing out on a bottle or two of fine Bordeaux or Burgundy is a great idea. If, however, you’re having a gathering, go for crowd-pleasing wines such as Champagne, Sancerre, Chablis, or a New World Pinot Noir. Choosing a selection of finer wines such as these will stop you from spending a fortune while ensuring everyone can enjoy a great wine.

How much do you want to spend?

Luxury wines don’t have to have luxury price tags. As we say, we believe everyone should enjoy the experience of finer wine which is why we have fine wines starting at around £30.

It’s good to have a budget in mind, and again, it’s worth considering the occasion. Significant milestones such as retirement call for something really special. Spend over £100 on a bottle of wine and you’ll get something that's fit for even the grandest celebrations.

Are you looking to drink the wine now?

If you’re looking for a luxury wine to drink at a celebration, you need to know whether it is ready to drink. Some fine wines need time in the bottle before they are at their peak. For example, a Grand Cru red Bordeaux from a classic year such as 2019 is likely to need 5-10 years of ageing. Other fine wines – Champagne or white Burgundy, say – will usually be approachable much sooner. Many of our fine wines come with suggested drinking dates, but if you’d like some help then please contact the Perfect Cellar team.

Are you having it with food?

A fine lunch or a magnificent dinner party is a wonderful way to celebrate. If you’re serving food, you need to factor this in when choosing the wine. If you’re having an alfresco summer lunch or a garden party with fish, white meats and seasonal treats such as asparagus, then fine sparkling, white, rosé wines are the order of the day. If you’re having a formal dinner party with meat as the centrepiece, then red Burgundy, Bordeaux, or a sumptuous bottle (or three!) of Barolo will make perfect choices.

Like to know more about wine?

We hope you’ve found our celebratory wine guide useful. If you’d like to explore the world of wine, why not become a Perfect Cellar member? With our exclusive TastingBOXES, interactive tastings via Alexa, and an incredible range of fine wines, we have everything you need to enjoy finer wine. Perfect.

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