The Benefits of Drinking Italian Wines

The Benefits of Drinking Italian Wines

"Wine makes all things possible." — George R. R. Martin.

The Italians have many passions, but none are more synonymous with their culture than good food and great wine. 

Italian wine is some of the most favoured in the world. From Barolo, Fiano di Avellin, and Chianti Classico, to Valpolicella, Frascati and Brunello di Montalcino, Italian wines are beloved for their variety, flavours, and complexities. But with so many countries excelling in wine production, what sets Italian wines apart from other regions? 

The boot-shaped country has a long Mediterranean coastline that sits centrally in southern Europe. Known for exquisite food, wine, art and history, Italy is steeped in cultural and historical significance. And their wine seems to embody all these wonderful qualities. Moreover, due to the diversity in climate across the country, Italian wines are produced up and down the country, bringing something unique and memorable whether you are drinking Sangiovese di Romagna from the northern region or Trebbiano from the south. 

And while it tastes delicious, the wine produced in Italy also has huge additional advantages. So, what are the benefits of drinking Italian Wines?

Italian Wines Lower Cholesterol 

Many people associate alcohol with overconsumption and detriments to one's health but much like with everything, selecting anything in moderation can make all the difference. Balance is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. The specific components of wine, such as resveratrol, and combinations of polyphenolic, have formidable health benefits. Resveratrol is known to lower cholesterol by aiding in the prevention of blood clots and damage to blood vessels. Red wine, in particular, holds plenty of resveratrol because red wine is fermented with grape skins longer than white wine.

Italian Wines Contain Antioxidants

While many may choose to find their antioxidants in blueberries or kale, we think getting our dose from wine is much more appealing!

Antioxidants are a vital addition to your diet; experts suggest that foods and drinks containing antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress, improve brain and mental health, slow premature ageing, fight heart disease and cell damage and many more health concerns. 

Italian wine, more often red, contains antioxidants to help fight these health issues, and it tastes incredible! 

Italian Wines Slow Premature Ageing 

More and more beauty products are trying to replicate the ingredients that make up the essence of wine. So wine can make you feel younger after a glass or two and also make you look younger!

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that the high levels of resveratrol in red wine contribute to its anti-ageing properties. In addition, this active ingredient in wine extends the life of human organisms resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Though associated with excellent taste, wine is proven to be much more than a delicious drink to enjoy with good food and your favourite friends. Italian wine is embedded in the culture of European heritage; it brings conversation, life lessons and stories, variety, versatility, and powerful health benefits. From the soil, climate, expertise, and skills that go into producing Italian wine, we always knew there was something special about having a glass of vino! 

If you would like to know more about our selections of Italian Wines and how they could provide you with excellent life balance, contact us today and speak to one of our experts. 

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