The Difference Between Fine Wine and Regular Wine

The Difference Between Fine Wine and Regular Wine

What is the difference between fine wine and regular wine? Apart from fine wine being more expensive, some factors determine how prestigious it is. Here are some elements of this popular beverage to consider.

Fine Wine and Regular Wine

Elements Of Fine Wine To Consider


The biggest difference between fine wine and regular wine is quality. A high-quality wine consists of a variety of flavours that differ in complexity, individuality and intensity. Besides a versatile background deriving from its terroir and expert storing conditions.

Generally, fine wines can mature over time and become more depth in terms of flavour. Therefore, its ageing potential is another major factor when it comes to determining how fine a bottle of wine is.


The finest wine is unique and difficult to get hold of. With countless brands and bottles being stored in your local supermarket, it is the wine that there is fewer of which makes it a rarer choice.

The more bottles there are available of specific wine there is, the lower its price will be and vice versa.

Age and Terroir

It is no secret that the older a wine is the more expensive it tends to be. This is especially the case with red wine that becomes tastier over time.

However, another essential element to consider is the vintage year. This has a huge bearing on the price of a fine wine due to a variety of factors such as what country the wine is from, what the weather was like and the soil quality before creating the beverage.

Terroir is a term used to describe the climate, tradition, terrain and soil that the fine derives from. Hence, the wine’s quality is also dependent on the grapes that are formed during the warmer months of the year.


Finally, how a fine wine was stored before and after bottling is a further determinant of price. This includes factors such as barrel type, humidity, cellar type and temperature.

Out of all these factors, the barrels are most crucial. It is not a coincidence that barrels are expensive and made from strong and beneficial materials like oak. Oak has been found to add a variety of flavours to the wine.

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