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Whispering Angel Lands at Perfect Cellar

Pink wine, summer water, Millennials drink of choice, whatever you want to call it rosé wine has become part of our lifestyle. The growth of this pretty pink beverage owes much of its success to Whispering Angel, the wine that started the rosé renaissance.

Whispering Angel Lands at Perfect Cellar

Produced by France’s Chateau d’Esclans, Whispering Angel is a pale pink wine that has established itself in every trendy bar, beachside restaurant, or summer soirée over recent years. When the Provence estate, Chateau d’Esclans, first released Whispering Angel about 14 years ago, there were just 135,000 bottles produced. As of 2016, however, Chateau d’Esclans produced more than 3.2 million bottles of Whispering Angel, exporting it to more than 100 countries, from Senegal to Singapore, Cambodia to Qatar, making it the most popular rosé in the world.

Whispering Angel Lands at Perfect Cellar

The success of Whispering Angel saw Wine Enthusiast name Chateau d’Esclans the European Winery for the year in 2014. This is a title normally reserved for more traditional producers. However, experts claimed the Chateau had reinterpreted the definition of rosé wine, giving Esclans the same prestige as any Bordeaux chateau. 

Worth the Hype?

Whispering Angel has become somewhat of a 21st century ‘cult classic’ wine. However, don’t let this wine's Instagram worthy shade of pink or picture perfect branding fool you, Whispering Angel is a 90+ point wine, what’s inside the bottle is just as beautiful as what’s on the outside. 

The taste profile is full and lush whilst being simultaneously bone dry with a smooth finish. This wine is highly approachable and versatile, and is suitable for a broad range of cuisine. Tom Cannavan from rewarded Whispering Angel with a 90 point review, describing it as “Very pale apricot in colour. Delicate aromas of sliced apple, pinch grapefruit, peach, cream and stones follow through to a medium body and crisp acidity. Deliciously creamy and smooth”.

This rosé is one not to be missed, whether it’s midday or midnight.